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Welcome Gnomies!

The Gnaked Gnomes of Gnome Gnites is an Everquest 2 guild on the Guk server.  The Gnaked Gnomes have been around for nearly a decade now and have appeared in a few MMORPGs.  While the Gnomies have existed at least one other time on EQ2, they are making another appearance on the game. 

Our guild is unique in that we have developed a set of objectives and rules to help us to explore the game as a cohesive group.

  • Gnome Love!  One guild requirement is that you must play a gnome.  It's not that we don't like any of the other Norathian races, its just...well, let's face it - gnomes are the best.  Why would you want to play anything else?  Any gnome will do, you can be good, evil or anything in between.  We don't care - you just got to be short, cute and (pay attention to this one) have a relatively hairless foot (sorry halfthings and ratz).

  • Gnome Unity! We advance one big happy gnomey family.  Each week we have a level limit and your gnome's adventuring level cannot surpass it.  The Cap is Law!  If your gnomey hits the cap, then your gnomie must turn off adventuring XP until the cap is lifted again.  Sure...knock yer little gnome out with crafting levels and AA in the meantime. 

  • Gnome Gnite! this is what we're talkin' bout!  Once a week the gnaked gnomes of Gnome Gnite pick a zone, dungeon or quest and we tackle it.  We lift the XP Cap just before the weekly event and set the XP Cap once again right after the event.  That way we all stay the same level and we have fun pwning the zone together.

Level Cap

Gnome Destination for Feb. 7, 2011

Ruins of Varsoon!

 Weekly Challenge for Feb 7, 2011

These Boots Were Made For . . .

O Frumplepot

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